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This website aims to help you to enjoy the beauty of the New Forest,  it is the largest area of semi-natural vegetation in Southern England and is situated in the county of Hampshire. The New Forest was created in 1079 by William the 1st as a Royal Deer Hunting preserve. Through the centuries the focus changed to the production of timber, particularly Oaks for ship building  many of which were used to build ships at Bucklers Hard for the Royal Navy between 1745 and 1818.

Bluebells15Bluebell Wood In The New Forest

Today most of the New Forest is open forest consisting of old woodland Inclosures, and large areas of open heathland and wetland habitat. If you want to relax and chill out breathing clean air, or to explore a variety of beautiful open spaces the New Forest, is a wonderful place with a great choice of places to stay and there are lots of activities that can be enjoyed through out the year.

There is so much more than can be seen by a quick drive along its roads or by visiting its beaches, many things can be enjoyed and discovered when cycling or walking in its Ancient beautiful landscapes.

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