New Forest Landscapes


A selection of pictures taken in various parts of the Forest, there is quite a variety of habitats for different animals and birds. The diverse landscapes include woodland and heathland. Additionally there are also various coastal landscapes where the land meets the Sea as the Solent and Christchurch Bay part of the English channel is located on the Southern boundary.

One of  the highest points in the New Forest is Telegraph Hill at a height of 419 feet (128 metres) above sea level, also called Bramshaw Telegraph. It is located next to the B3078  road between Fordingbridge and the M27 at Cadnam, 5 kilometres (3 miles) north west of Brook. Grid Ref: SU227167.

In the 19th century Telegraph Hill was the site of an optical shutter signal station, part of a series of stations devised by Lord George Murray that linked Plymouth with the Admiralty in London. 

The stations operated from 1806, and were used during the Napoleonic Wars,  with messages taking about 20 minutes to get from Plymouth to London. The stations were built of wood and today none survive,  the site of the Bramshaw Telegraph is thought to have been located near  Hope Cottage.

A picture of a Forest Track looking along the track as it disappears in to the depths of the New Forest
One Of The Many  New Forest Tracks Deep In The Forest.
A picture of a Wild Bluebell Wood in the New Forest
Springtime In A Wild Bluebell Wood In The New Forest.
A picture of a misty New Forest Landscape
A Misty New Forest Landscape
a picture of a tree lined track in the new forest
A New Forest Track.
a woodland path
A Path Disappearing In To The New Forest.
New Forest Landscapes showing trees and a track inside a woodland enclosure
New Forest Enclosure.
New Forest Landscapes
New Forest Landscape – Great For Walking.
new forest landscapes
New Forest Landscapes – A Woodland Track In The New Forest
In the woodland of the New Forest National Park
Woodland In The New Forest.
New Forest Landscapes
New Forest Lawn – Created By Animals Grazing.
A picture of a New Forest Landscape
New Forest Landscape
At the Edge of the New Forest looking across the Solent
At the Edge of the New Forest Looking Across The Solent Towards The Isle Of Wight.
Looking Westward towards the Needles
Looking Westward towards the Needles.
New Forest Coastline
New Forest Coastline Looking Across Christchurch Bay.

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