Plants Of The New Forest

Plants Of The New Forest

As well as being a beautiful ancient landscape the New Forest has important ecological value due to the areas of lowland habitats, that have been lost elsewhere. The area contains many important lowland habitat such as deciduous woodland, dry heaths, valley bogs, and wet heaths. The area contains rare wildlife and the wet heaths are a home for rare plants, such as marsh gentian Gentiana pneumonanthe and marsh clubmoss Lycopodiella inundata. Also species of Sundew grow in the New Forest, and it is the habitat of many insect species.

Bluebells in the New Forest

A video taken in the New Forest during Spring and the Bluebells and the wild Primroses were in bloom, it was fantastic.

A walk in woodlands which are part of the New Forest, in Spring when every thing is green.

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